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Electric Kart Features

Our Velocity Motorsports Group, LLC indoor electric kart ( which is sealed and can be used outdoors as well ) has several distinct advantages over manufacturers of gas powered go karts. The obnoxious gas fumes that use to permeate the air at gas tracks are done. Our kart has great performance based upon it's handling ability and instant acceleration from a nearly 20HP AC motor which produces more torque than possible with indoor gas karts for fast straights and maximum pull out of the corners. With programmable speed controls track owners can pre-set different speeds for Junior, Adult, League and Caution speeds, this option let's you have control of your track. Velocity karts provide the most comfortable adjustments for seating in the business, with a push of a button on the kart console we are able to move both the pedals and the seat to accommodate down to 48" and upwards to over 6'7" comfortably. U.S. built for affordable parts and easy maintenance.

AMG Battery Model - $9700.00 plus freight
Lithium Battery Model - $14,900.00 plus freight
(Motor Controller and Timing Sensor Not Included, Sold Separately)